Overdue Accounts

In an effort to control aging accounts, I have implemented policies on accounts that consistently have invoices age 30 days or more.

Phone Support

I have rarely billed for phone support as I see it as a value added service. Clients who have had overdue accounts will be unquestioningly billed in my standard 15 minute increments for telephone support.

Priority Support

When more than one client has pressing issues, it has been Bowes IT policy to deal with the problem that most adversely affect operations first. Account payment history is now an additional factor in determining priority.

Off Hours Support

Evening and weekend rates are officially standard rates x 1.5 or $142.50 per hour for business hours. Bowes IT has not often charged that rate but now do so without question for clients who have had aged accounts.

Payment Is Required Before Further Support Can Be Provided

If an account is overdue, Bowes IT will require that the account be paid in full before any further service can be provided.