A new version of the file cleaning software CCleaner for Windows, version 5.50, features new options to control program updates. The year 2018 has not been a very pleasant one for Piriform, maker of CCleaner, and Avast, Piriform’s parent company.  The integration of Telemetry collection, first without clear options to disable it and turned on by default, and forced automatic updates to a new version of CCleaner, were two of the major blunders in that year. CCleaner 5.50 includes a new Updates menu under options in the program interface. It gives users control over the updating behavior of the program according to the release notes. CCleaner get control over important updates and project updates under the new Updates section. Piriform defines important updates as “major updates” that ensure “that CCleaner runs safely and smoothly” on the systems it is run on. CCleaner 5.50 with new options to control program updates

thumbnail courtesy of ghacks.net