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You don’t know how many times we come across expired copies of Winzip or Winrar in the field. For everyday zipping and unzipping, Windows has a built in Zip utility but if want more advanced features, look no further than 7zip.

This free archive utility that supports 7z, XZ, BZIP2, GZIP, TAR, ZIP and WIM archive formats. It’s all we use here at Bowes IT and all you really need.

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This Months' Technology Insider

Bye 2020. Thanks for nothing. Here’s how to get the most from your people in 2021.

Plus, How do I keep my laptop battery in good health? Is the Firefox logo really a panda? 

This Months' Tech Guide

Your 2021 Productivity Super Guide. Goals and planning, productivity, collaboration, engaging customers, and security. This guide can help you with them and it even has some tips for great tools for the job!

Free Ebook!

What would you do if you returned from vacation to find that your business bank account had been robbed to the tune of $1200?  It’s not all that hard or uncommon for that matter. Learn the in and outs of protecting email in my new ebook, Email Hijack.

Lost Devices and Data Security

A staff member loses their laptop and tells you they need a new one. It’s not just the cost of a new laptop though, you need to consider data security.

 Here are a few things you need to think about.

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These Android apps make you a target for hackers. Delete them to avoid phone problems 

#tech #cybercrime



Will you use this? You will soon be able to make video calls from within LinkedIn 

#technology #linkedin #zoom #teams



About to upgrade your phone? Why not turn your old one into a security camera, for free? 

#cellphones #upgradebonus



Artificial intelligence is sneaking into our daily lives in many ways. Are you ready for technology that connects directly to your brain? 
#technology #AI #braintech 


Have you been struggling with annoying problems since upgrading your iPhone to iOS14? Here’s how to fix the most common ones 

#iOS #iPhone #AnnoyingLittleThings



Flash, once used all over the internet, is on its way out. That means the death of a game played by 80 million people on Facebook 



Here’s why more people are restoring vintage computers and giving them a new lease of life. Do you fancy doing this?

#tech #computers #vintagepcs

Has your email been hacked?



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