IT Services and Computer Repair in Welland

Welland Computer Service Since 2003

Bowes IT Solutions has been a proud Welland computer support business since 2003. Serving Welland, Pelham, and the entire Niagara Region, our mandate is to help small business make the most of their technology investments. We have a diverse clientele that includes lawyers, architects, accountants, tax preparation firms, nonprofits and more. Located in downtown Welland, Bowes IT is an active member of the Downtown Welland Business Improvement Area.

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Network Services

We build and maintain in-house networks that work the way you work. No fluff, no excuses. Scalable, reliable, and professional business systems are what we do.


Internetwork Services

Whether you need to get work done while away from the office, connect new geographically diverse business units, or give employees remote access, we have the answer.

Internet Services

We supply everything from cloud services, VPS, web hosting, to collaborative solutions like private/public Wikis, social networks, you name it. The cloud’s the limit!