Frequently Asked Questions

What services areas do you cover?

Bowes IT Solutions typically provides computer repair and IT support services in the Niagara Region but, we have clients we visit in Mississauga and Guelph. Using advanced remote support tools however, we are able to provide support anywhere on the planet.

How soon can you fix my computer problem?

We strive to provide service as quickly as possible. We generally prioritize service by impact on business. For example, if one business is having difficulty with spam email and another has a malfunctioning server, the server will typically take priority.

We do also take payment history into account when business impact is similar.

Do you come onsite to solve IT problems?

Yes, we provide onsite computer and IT support in all of our service areas as well as remote computer support. Where possible, we prefer to help our clients remotely for a few reasons:

  • We reduce our carbon footprint
  • It saves you money in travel to your site
  • Remote IT support tends to be less disruptive to your business
  • It is quicker and more efficient

In some instances, hardware failure for example, remote support is not possible. In addition, some clients prefer to have a computer technician on-site. In those circumstances we are happy to visit.

Can you help me with remote support?

Absolutely, we can perform many computer repairs remotely. See the question above for more details.

What are your service rates?

Our services rates are listed here.

What can I expect during an onsite visit?

When your computer technician arrives, she’ll ask you some questions to help her understand what the issue is. Your technician will look at the computer, server, network or mobile device, or whatever is identified as being an issue. She’ll possibly need more information from you as she troubleshoots the problem.

Your technician may or may not have a quick answer to the issue. He may need to research the problem using Google or another means. While technicians are intimately familiar with how computers, networks, and related devices operate, it’s unrealistic to know the answer to every issue that can arise with technology. Training and experience allows your technician to piece together the cause of your computer problem and either resolve it immediately or provide you with a plan to resolution.

How long will it take to repair my computer, server, or network

Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to say for sure. The variables are immense when it comes to computers and networks, PC networks in particular. There are an almost infinite number of variables including, but by all means not to:

  • Individual hardware components
  • Device drivers
  • Firmware
  • Operating system
  • Compatibility with other devices and software
  • Installed software
  • Previous configuration
  • Updates installed and available
  • Network cabling
  • Physical environment the device is in

The list goes on and on.

We’ll do our very best to estimate how long a fix will take but we unfortunately can’t tell you for sure how long it will take until we’ve thoroughly troubleshot.