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Mind mapping is a powerful tool that helps you focus and build on ideas. Commercial mind mapping software is typically expensive and while they make beautiful mind maps with plenty of colour and graphics, too much clutter can be distracting.

Enter FreeMind, a simple yet powerful mind mapping tool that is completely free. I use it often and wouldn’t consider changing. Simple, uncluttered mind maps make the whole process more effective IMHO.

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This Months' Technology Insider

Bye 2020. Thanks for nothing. Here’s how to get the most from your people in 2021.

Plus, How do I keep my laptop battery in good health? Is the Firefox logo really a panda? 

This Months' Tech Guide

Your 2021 Productivity Super Guide. Goals and planning, productivity, collaboration, engaging customers, and security. This guide can help you with them and it even has some tips for great tools for the job!

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What would you do if you returned from vacation to find that your business bank account had been robbed to the tune of $1200?  It’s not all that hard or uncommon for that matter. Learn the in and outs of protecting email in my new ebook, Email Hijack.

VPNs and Work From Home

It’s certainly a strange world out there right now. You have staff working from home who need access to company data but, work from home opens a whole new plethora of security concerns. Here’s how VPNs can help.

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Microsoft has lots of different versions of Outlook. And it’s going to revamp them all. So, Outlook looks and feels the same, no matter where or how you use it 

#microsoft #outlook #OneOutlook



Keep a close eye on your business’s PayPal account. There’s a new phishing scam doing the rounds 

#paypal #phishing #scam #BeCareful



Windows 10 has a huge new look coming later this year. They’re hiring engineers right now to do the work 

#newlook #windows10 #JobListings



Really does look like we could get a foldable iPhone in a couple of years. Maybe two of them 

#apple #iphone #foldableiPhone



Do you use Microsoft Teams in your business? This is a fascinating insight into just how big Teams has become

 #wfh #microsoft #teams #115millionpeople



OK, this is a little freaky… after you die, how would you feel about being reincarnated as a chatbot?

 #LifeAfterDeath #reincarnation #chatbots


Enjoying a Sunday morning podcast or playlist on Spotify? But have you ever wondered how Spotify makes money? 


Has your password been hacked?



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